Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Make Room for Selfcare

By: Staff Published: April 4, 2024

Selfcare is more important now than ever. And it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money to give yourself some rest and restoration. You can create a space for your favorite ways to unwind, from bathing to gardening to journaling.


Do you cherish your alone time soaking in the tub? Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary where you can melt away the stress of the day.

For inspiration, look to your favorite spa. You might not be able to replicate the entire experience in your home, but you can mimic some of the essential ingredients.

Create a relaxing mood with candles or low lighting. Treat yourself to luxurious lotions, bath salts and plush towels. Hang a robe on a hook for your after-bath routine.

If you need to add storage for all your spa supplies, bamboo furniture gives the look and feel of a high-end retreat.

bamboo shelf

Stock your bathroom with your favorite toiletries and display them on a bamboo shelf.

Carve out a few minutes or an hour each week to escape to your new spa-like bathroom, play some soothing music or read a book and see how much better you feel.


Perhaps you’re more of a bookworm. Getting lost in a romance, fantasy or mystery novel can provide the perfect getaway – without ever leaving home.

A cozy book nook enhances the idea of a mini vacation. It doesn’t have to take up much space or cost a lot. All you need is a corner – in your bedroom or the den, preferably by a window – a comfortable chair and somewhere to keep your books (if you still read the kind with actual pages).

reading nook

Make yourself a reading nook in a quiet room where you can curl up and catch up on your latest book.

Lastly, make sure you have good task lighting to avoid eyestrain. You don’t want to give yourself a headache during your selfcare time!


Whether you’ve been meditating for years or you’ve just downloaded the Calm app, you know this practice can improve your focus, inspire creativity and help you manage stress, to name a few benefits.

It’s possible to meditate anywhere, especially if you’re very experienced, but you still may want to create an oasis in your home. Choose your spot carefully, keeping in mind that you might have to reorganize the room. A cluttered area is anything but zen.

Ideally, your meditation room will be a peaceful place where you can close the door to avoid any interruptions. It will also have enough open floor space where you can sit on a cushion or a mat cross-legged. Soft, natural light will add to the soothing ambience. A low-maintenance indoor plant purifies the air.

meditation room

A yoga and meditation room should feel tranquil and inviting.

Many people combine meditation and yoga. If you do, use a fabric bin or other storage product to keep your blocks, towel, stretch bands and any other yoga equipment you regularly use during your practice.


Getting in touch with nature, playing in the dirt and making things grow is fulfilling for a lot of us. It takes us back to our roots and pulls us away from our screens.

Gardening doesn’t require a large backyard or any outdoor space at all. Indoor container gardens beautify your home and clean the atmosphere at the same time.

patio with plants

Even if your outdoor space is limited, you can still create a container garden and reap the benefits of live plants.

Invest in attractive planters and plant stands or a ladder shelf to display your greenery. New to indoor gardening? Follow the watering, nutrient and sunlight needs of your plants so that they’ll live and flourish for years to come.


Simply writing words on paper can be cathartic. Regular journaling may help you manage anxiety, offer clarity on patterns or emotional triggers, and guide you toward your goals. Some people keep a gratitude journal to remind themselves of their blessings and focus them on the positive things in their lives.

desk with journal

Keep your journal and a pencil or pen in an accessible place so that you can easily maintain your habit.

You don’t have to consider yourself to be a talented writer when you start journaling, but you might find that your ability improves with practice. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself and allow self-expression to flow out of you.

Whichever is your preferred form of selfcare, prioritize pampering yourself without feeling guilty. As they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

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