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Inspired @ Home

Get Your Home Guest-Ready

By: Staff Published: October 17, 2022

With the holidays come joy, togetherness, parties and, often, overnight visitors, which can lead to stress. Make it easy on yourself and your family and friends by getting your home guest-ready ahead of time. We’ve gathered quick solutions for several rooms around your house to help everyone feel comfortable.


The entryway is where you first welcome your guests – and one of the first places to become cluttered, especially in wintertime. Those extra shoes and coats need a place to go, whether your visitors are staying for a few days or just attending a party.

If you have a closet or built-in storage by your front door already, make sure it’s as efficient as it can be. Create space for footwear and outerwear by storing jackets and other non-seasonal items elsewhere. Also consider placing a shoe rack on the floor or adding hooks on the wall or the closet door.

Are you lacking storage completely? A hall tree or 3-cube bench provides almost instant organization and helps define the foyer area.


The kitchen is the heart of the home every day of the year. During the holidays it’s even more true, and more crowded! Don’t stress, though! Prepare for the busyness so you can enjoy it right along with your guests.

Clear off the counters to accommodate buffet-style meals, charcuterie boards or a self-serve cocktail area. You can do this by expanding the capacity of your cabinets with wire accessories like shelves and racks.

ClosetMaid Pantry Door Wall Rack

Take advantage of every inch of space in your pantry with a door rack.

Unburden yourself from playing full-time host to your overnight guests. Put bottled waters and sodas in a prominent spot in the refrigerator or a separate beverage fridge, if you have one. Set out the essentials like sweet and savory snacks where they can be readily grabbed. A basket on the counter or a rack in the pantry door or on the wall are great storage options. Your guests will appreciate feeling at home and not always having to ask you for a drink or something to eat.

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We all know it can be hard to sleep in a strange bed, no matter how comfortable it is. Anticipate what items your visitors could use to help them adjust. These might include eye masks, earplugs or a small flashlight to guide them to the bathroom during the night. Stow them in the nightstand drawer or in a fabric bin.

Unsure what your guests’ desires would be? Just ask – or leave that up to your significant other, depending on which one of you knows them better.

Cube Organizer

Create a charging station/nightstand in any room with a mixed media cube.

If you don’t have a dedicated guest room, an office or a den can still mimic a full bedroom. Side tables or nightstands where people can put their glasses of water, phones or other necessities will make the biggest difference. Pull in furniture from other rooms or buy a small table or mixed material cube to tackle the job.

Rest assured, your guests will be thankful for whatever you can do to enable them to relax.

Kids’ Room

Are kids among your expected visitors this holiday season? Keep them entertained (and hopefully out of trouble!) while they’re with you.

Cube Organizer with Fabric Drawers

Fully stock a cube organizer with age-appropriate toys and games.

While your youngest visitors’ parents will probably travel with any favorite toys and dolls, it can’t hurt to have a few others on hand. Collect and display any games you may have stashed away, too. Playing them all together can create fun memories and reduce screen time!

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If the kids are very young, make sure to take safety precautions like cushioning sharp corners and inserting outlet plug covers where needed.


Turn your guest bathroom into a sanctuary. Leave the counter completely clear except for soap so that your visitors can spread out their makeup and toiletries like they would at home.

Speaking of toiletries, purchase spare toothbrushes, toothpaste and any other items your guests may have forgotten when packing. Place them in a container where they’ll be visible.

Bathroom Cabinet Organizer

A two-tiered, pull-out cabinet organizer holds everything from lotions and shampoos to sponges and towels.

Hang fresh towels on the bathroom rack or stack them under the cabinet – any place that’s accessible. If you have a robe or two, lay them out also. Your guests feel like they’re staying at a five-star resort!

No matter when or how you’re hosting visitors, you can give them a warm welcome with the help of these simple tips and storage products.

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