Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

6 Creative Ways to Use Cube Storage

By: Staff Published: April 5, 2021

When everything has its place, staying organized is easier for everyone. Cube storage does just that – and it can corral and display almost any items. We’ve collected six creative uses, from keeping your record collection alphabetized to keeping your kids’ playroom tidy.

  1. Toy chest

Reminiscent of school cubbies, cube storage will feel familiar in the playroom or your kids’ bedrooms. The little ones can easily access their toys and games, and fabric drawers add a pop of color while also housing smaller toys like figurines and building bricks.

toy cube storage

Choose cube storage for kid-friendly toy organization that’s pretty enough to fit in anywhere.

  1. Decorative furniture

Don’t limit cube storage to utilitarian use only. Mixed material cubes inject some industrial chic into your décor while providing places to display favorite objects inside and on top. Add a few fabric drawers to coordinate with your color scheme – and swap them out when your style or the season changes.

living room furniture

Cube storage can double as decorative furniture.

  1. Record center

House your vinyl record collection with the help of cube storage. Each section can hold up to 60 albums, so a 6-cube organizer can accommodate 360 of your favorite spins. Sort them by artist, genre, mood – whatever jives with your listening style. Sit your turntable on top for a self-contained music center.


Compose a music center by adding cube storage to your den, family room, man cave or anywhere else you want to listen to your records.

  1. Spice rack

A spice rack doesn’t have to be hidden inside a pantry or kitchen cabinet. Buy pretty, countertop storage and keep your most used herbs and spices in the cubbies. For an extra-coordinated look, purchase matching jars.


All your favorite herbs and spices will be within easy reach when you store them in a countertop cube organizer.

  1. Craft area

If you have a lot of different hobbies or share a space with a family member, cube storage is a perfect solution for your craft area. Knitting supplies can go into one cubby, while scrapbooking papers can fit into the next one. Place a towel inside any cubbies where you’re keeping paints or other potentially messy art items.

  1. Bar

Build a bar in your dining room or living room using cube storage. Put glassware in a few of the cubbies, small plates in others and bar tools in another. The top of the cube organizer can have bottles, a tray for carrying drinks and decorative objects.

CM 9-Cube Organizer2

Entertain and serve your guests with a bar made of cube storage.

These are just a few ways you can take advantage of cube storage’s natural inclination for organization. Think outside the box when it comes to how you use cube storage in your home.

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