Inspired @ Home

Inspired @ Home

Wheelbarrow Assembly for Models R6STFFEC and R6STPTEC

By: Staff Published: June 28, 2023

Did you just purchase a TrueTemper wheelbarrow? If yes, congratulations! It will serve you in many ways for years to come. But first you have to put it together. Don’t worry! You’re not on your own. We have created a wheelbarrow assembly video that takes you through each step of the process.

View the video.

Before you begin to assemble your R6STFFEC or R6STPTEC wheelbarrow, gather your tools. You’ll need a ½-inch wrench or a deep-drive socket and a flathead screwdriver. These will be used to tighten the nuts and brackets. All of the nuts and bolts are included with your wheelbarrow.

The five-minute video shows each of the steps in great, close-up detail – from aligning the handle holes and securing them together to attaching the legs to the handles to finally tightening all the nuts. You’ll also notice tips throughout the video to guide your progress and ensure correct assemblage.

Don’t stop the video right after the last step. Watch through to the end for important safety information about proper usage and tire inflation.

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