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Inspired @ Home

Tools for Landscaping Trucks

By: Staff Published: June 22, 2023


What tools should every landscaper have in the truck? A rake and a shovel are probably among the first ones you think of. Two that might not readily come to mind but just as necessary – an edger and a cultivator. The first keeps any yard looking tidy and the other helps it flourish with new plantings (and can remove unwanted additions like weeds).

Whether you’re equipping your landscaping truck or your garden shed, the Razor-Back half moon edger should be in your possession. It manicures with ease, cutting back sod or grass overgrowth along sidewalks or flowerbeds. Made of durable materials and built to last, the edger can even be used in rocky soil.

The 4-tine cultivator is a multitasker. Its sharp, curved steel tines dig deep, tilling and aerating any soil. You can also use the cultivator to weed. The one-piece forged head and steel ferrule provide added strength and durability.

Want to see these tools in action? Watch our short video below.

View the video.

Consider adding one or both of these landscaping tools to your array of equipment – either for your professional use or your own yard.

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