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Inspired @ Home

5 Easy Ways to Arrange Your Closet for Fall

By: Staff Published: September 19, 2019

Fall has arrived! Even if the weather where you live doesn’t reflect the new season just yet, you might want to begin transitioning your closet to accommodate your warmer wardrobe. We’ve compiled five tips to help you get organized.

1. Store summer clothes in protective containers. Sort through your closet to decide what items you’re planning to wear again next year and donate or toss the pieces you’re ready to let go. Put your keepers into ClosetMaid’s storage bags. They slide under the bed or stack in the garage or attic for easy storing.

Retrofit Kit 3-1

Bins can keep your summer clothes organized and fresh for next year.

2. Keep a few summer-weight tops in your closet that you can pair with a cardigan or jacket. Sometimes the temperature fluctuates as the seasons change, so you may want to leave your favorite blouses or T-shirts out for another month or so.

reach-in wire closet

ShelfTrack shelving provides quick access to your clothing and allows it to breathe.

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3. Use shelves for folded clothing. Save space in your dresser for other items and move fall staples like sweaters and jeans onto the shelves of your closet. You’ll easily be able to see and grab a casual outfit for running errands, attending a football game or going to a festival.

4. Make room for tall boots. Adjust your shoe shelves so that your calf-high or knee-high boots can stand up. You might need to remove a shelf and store your summer sandals in an under-the-bed bin.

shoe storage in wood closet

SpaceCreations has adjustable shoe shelves that can be placed at different heights to suit your needs.

5. Add a scarf rack to your closet. If you have an affinity for neckwear, why not hang it in a convenient, yet out-of-the-way space? Install a pull-out rack or hang a wire organizer on the back of the door to display your scarves.

scarf rack in closet

Closet accessories include a sliding tie and belt rack (that’s perfect for scarves, too) to help you get dressed in the morning.

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